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How La Marseillaise unified the newsroom with Protecmedia

The newsroom team's web and print editing work is made much easier thanks to Protecmedia technology.

La Marseillaise is a French regional newspaper. It sells around 80,000 copies a day and its website receives some 170,000 visitors a month. It has been delivering comprehensive, high-quality local and regional information since 1943 in the departments of Bouches-du-Rhône, Var, Hérault and Gard. It currently delivers news via its website, its daily newspaper and a weekly publication.

The digital strategy of La Marseillaise has been driven by this switch to Media Cloud technology, adopting a multichannel integrated system and updating its website. This focus on technology has helped the La Marseillaise team to focus its time and efforts on producing high-end journalism and delivering high-quality content to its readers.

Print and web editing were not integrated, they were managed in different systems

Their editorial systems were obsolete

Their newsroom transferred content from print to digital manually

The team detected room for improvement to make their website more mobile-friendly

Their technology did not allow the team to work remotely

Their website did not support a paywall

“Having a single space for inputting and distributing print and web content has been a major development in our operations” (Jean-Jacques Schneider, Directeur La Marseillaise)

Be able to manage print and digital content through a single system: Media Cloud Editorial

Centralise technology in a single tool and provider to bring down costs

Streamline ad insertion

Monitor print completion times

Update the website and make it more mobile-friendly

Move their model towards paid content for subscribers

At the start of 2020, they opted for Protecmedia Media Cloud Editorial for the whole team

The project lasted around 1 month for print content and 2 for web, which meant they started editing their content right at the start of the lockdown. The updatemeant the newsroom could work remotely for the duration of the lockdown

Media Cloud is a platform thatsimplifies installation and technical management. These features meant that the Marseillaise team could concentrate on their work as journalists and on improving reader awareness

We redesigned their website and made it more mobile-friendly

“The flexibility of the HTML5 online version also contributes to the fluidity of the editorial process and the control of the papers” (Jean-Jacques Schneider, Directeur La Marseillaise)

They replaced both of their obsolete editorial systems with an integrated system that allows them to work on their print, web and mobile contents

The team can now manage output without the need for advanced technology skills. The switch to Media Cloud has enhanced processes, productivity and autonomy at La Marseillaise

Their workflows have improved, and the newsroom works with a coordinated, collaborative approach

The redesign of their website, which is now more mobile-friendly, means they can drive their business model towards attracting digital subscribers

“Protecmedia offers a high-performance technical solution, with a highly available and efficient support and maintenance team.” (Jean-Jacques Schneider, Directeur La Marseillaise)

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