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Content personalization as a loyalty driver

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Content personalization is a very important factor in building loyalty among digital audiences. Bearing in mind that readers who are committed to the medium are the most likely to subscribe, it is important to identify the keys that will help us to implement successful actions to turn an occasional reader into a loyal subscriber.

RFV (recency, frequency, volume) score indicators give us the best clues about which users are most likely to become digital subscribers. This means that recency, frequency of visits to the media, and the amount of articles read are key data that media should keep in mind when tracking its performance metrics.

For each medium the most important indicator will vary depending on its business model: some have identified the volume of content consumed as the most important variant, while for others frequency or return is the key that gives them information on which users are most likely to subscribe or renew.

A fact that is unanimously agreed upon in the industry is that, regardless of the business model, motivating the reader engagement is critical in building digital audience loyalty.

Engaged readers are the most valuable to the media, not only because of their interest and involvement but also because they are the most profitable for the business. The reality is that actions to acquire a new user are infinitely more expensive than those focused on retaining an existing one.

This leads us to conclude that the strategy must focus on reducing the rotation of occasional readers in order to turn them into loyal customers. Victory is not measured in acquired subscribers, but in those who over time remain loyal.

The way to follow in this direction is not unique, it will depend on the business model of each medium, which will have to find the most appropriate way to achieve profitable results. To this end, technology and process automation are the great allies that will help us to achieve loyalty goals.

Thanks to the automation of the loyalty processes we will reduce considerably the follow-up efforts and will have a remarkable help in the decision making.

From Protecmedia we suggest a strategy based on the personalisation of content according to the reader. To this end, ITERWeb is the specialised software with which the media can define and implement their own digital strategy, thanks to the different functionalities it offers:

- The use of content recommendation algorithms makes the media more relevant to readers. This type of action is possible thanks to the precise possibilities of content categorisation and the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mechanisms it uses. Those readers interested in sports or local content will be impacted with a greater volume of related news, resulting in a closer link between the user and the medium.

- Customized content blocks depending on several factors: the segment of the public to which he belongs (according to the RFV score, if he is a transient, sporadic, daily or loyal user), the device from which the user accesses, his geographical location, the registration or subscription status (in the case that he is) or even the day of the week.

- Registered users have the possibility to access a record of their favourite articles, articles that they have saved to read later and to track articles or news by topic, trend or preferred authors.

The functionalities that ITERWeb offers to the media are the best tools for the implementation of effective actions to increase the loyalty of the audiences and, in the end, get and keep subscribers. Protecmedia keeps working and innovating to provide the way to successful results.

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