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Die Harke doubles its web traffic through push notifications

Thanks to the daily delivery of optimized push notifications, DIE HARKE is a best practice example of increasing web traffic through quality and loyal users.

DIE HARKE is a German daily newspaper that managed to double its web traffic in just one year through the successful use of push notifications from our MAS tool.

This functionality allows media to select the most relevant content for their readers and send it directly to their devices in a small format. This allows media companies to control the content it offers to readers and increase the loyalty of their audience: Readers are kept up to date with the latest news with no need to go to the news website.

DIE HARKE's editorial team has made good use of this feature, learning to select which news stories are suitable for push notifications and to apply push notifications only to the stories that best fit this format.

Push notifications increase web traffic because the information delivered to the reader's device links directly to the full story on the news portal. It's a very easy format to implement and it reaches the audience in just a few seconds, with no middlemen or algorithms to influence distribution.

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