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Launching a newspaper by selling NFTs

Sipa/Ouest-France and Groupe Rossel are experimenting with the launch of a free print magazine that will be financed by the sale of non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

In an unprecedented experiment, Sipa/Ouest-France and Groupe Rossel, the publishing group of 20 Minutes in France, have put 999 NFTs representing unique typewriters up for sale on the Ethereum platform.

If they get to raise enough funds, the first issue of 20 Mint, a free print magazine dedicated to web 3.0 and blockchain technology will be released on June 16 with 400,000 copies in the streets of major cities in France.

The objective of this test is to find a new source of revenue and a different way to get closer to new audiences. The publisher offers, for about 280 euros, a small NFT typewriter that acts as a membership card. This subscription model allows the buyer to finance the newspaper, obtain a subscription and be the owner of an NFT.

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