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El Universal relaunches its publishing activity thanks to Media Cloud technology

El Universal has faced several adverse situations during this 2020, which they have managed to overcome by relaunching its publishing activity, both digital channels and its print edition. It has been possible thanks to the flexibility of their Media Cloud publishing systems.

The newspaper from Caracas made an important decision during the first months of the pandemic. Wrapped up in a major social crisis in its country and a situation of confinement, El Universal decided to migrate their editorial systems to the Media Cloud.

The entire project was carried out remotely, and in just a few weeks it was completed. This allowed their entire team to work remotely from home and thus continue their publishing activity with total security for their systems. At that time, they focused on digital channels and the edition of their digital cover, which was sent by email to their readers.

"We resolved the Central Editorial Board need of having a tool to control the flow of the process when the activity is carried out remotely. (Abraham Sánchez, Art and Operations Director of the El Universal editorial board)

Now, thanks to the Cloud infrastructure, El Universal has taken a step forward and begun a new phase. After a renovation of the design, it has relaunched its weekend print edition with El Universal Semanal, which is being very well received by its readers. This print edition joins the digital channels activity and the daily newsletter.

"Without the elasticity of Media Cloud, with full functionality and variable dimensioning, the editorial relaunch would not have been possible" (Abraham Sánchez, Art and Operations Director of the El Universal news desk)

El Universal is an example of adaptability and how a newspaper can reinvent its publishing activity thanks to a flexible system that fits all their needs. Their commitment to renewing their systems at a very delicate time was a decision that has allowed them to continue and improve their information capacity exponentially.

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