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Essential technology for remote editorial departments

If your editorial department works remotely, editing content for the same publication, it’s vital that you have the right technology available to save time and optimise resources.

The Italian newspaper Avvenire publishes around twenty diocesan newspapers, which independently create and standardise their own content using Milenium, all from their respective regions.

After starting to work with Milenium, the regional newspapers have managed to reduce the time required to edit their content, largely thanks to the catalogue of preset designs and the ability to edit simultaneously.

Standardised design and layout

The great advantage in this case is how easy it is for users to edit content based on preset templates, offering a wide variety of options. Thanks to this, there’s no need to create specific designs for the publication of each piece of content, thereby ensuring considerable time savings.

Each diocesan newspaper is perfectly capable of preparing their content’s layout, as users require no specific technical understanding – saving designers at the Avvenire headquarters from having to subsequently modify the layout to fit the publication.

Milenium is the media platform offering the technology required to support remote work. Thanks to its automated processes and the possibility of simultaneous editing, it greatly improves the coordination of remote work.

More agile workflows

Users can work on the publication of all article components (title, photo, summary and text) from a single window, in which they can view and correct each element at a single glance.

What’s more, they can continue to work exclusively remotely, from any location and any device. The only requirement is that they have an internet connection and access to a web browser.

Avvenire has shared a few of the key advantages they have obtained from their new editorial system:

· Greater autonomy in the choice of page design.

· More streamlined processing for articles, in all their components – both text and images.

· A simple interface and intuitive navigation, ensuring an excellent user experience throughout all sections and the publishing of editorial products.

· The possibility to automatically notify the central Avvenire editorial department of completed pages through page statuses.

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