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How La Voz del Interior optimised its advertising management with its new tool

La Voz del Interior optimises all its print and digital advertising management

La Voz del Interior is the best-selling daily newspaper in inland Argentina. It sells over 64,000 copies every day at more than 12000 points of sale across the provinces of Córdoba, Catamarca, Santiago del Estero, La Rioja, San Luis, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.

With a view to improving advertising options for advertisers and expediting processes, they decided to adopt a system for advertising management in a single environment. With Protecmedia, they have been able to implement a useful solution for all teams, which allows them to manage print and digital advertising, from the initial offer price to final billing.

La Voz del Interior used to work with two different systems to administer print and digital advertising. Besides, many tasks were tracked manually.

Their CRM did no help them close additional sales. The sales team used to work with a CRM that did not integrate advertising production tools. Negotiations and sales agreements were managed from Excel documents and all this information was manually transfered to the CRM. This time investment prevented the sales team from focusing on productive tasks.

Sales processes were logged on the CRM, but campaign management was carried out from two different advertising management tools, print material and digital content.

Digital campaigns were created on Google Ad Manager but they could not add information to the billing tool. Since there were different tools for each part of the process, there was no access to a comprehensive project traceability.

Having the CRM help sales managers be aware of real timing about what is going on, and where to allocate resources. This provides sales reps a valuable tool to grow their portfolio and sales with just one click.

Accessing all operations from a single front end: from the initial price offering to the final billing of all print and digital campaigns.

Adopting a CRM to increase and optimise sales. One of the greatest projects of La Voz del Interior is to implement the CRM Sales Team from Ad-on-Line. The sales process is logged from the initial offer and, once the quote is confirmed, the order can be created directly.

Enhancing quoting agility. With CRM integration, La Voz del Interior can check customer's sales history and use this information to create new quotes effortlessly.

Changing the working culture. When the sales team assimilates the new CRM as a new sales management hub, it will allow implementing a cultural shift and boosting the conversion funnel directly.

La Voz del Interior and Protecmedia have worked together during configuration before implementation. The users were involved at all times and were able to take decisions adapted to their work processes. This meant that the team found it easier to adjust to the new tool since the implementation stage concerned a product they knew and had configured.

La Voz del Interior decided to implement Ad-on-Line while their usual work processes were still running in order to be modified and optimised as teams became familiar with the tool.

The tool's internal training has been coordinated by the order registration team, the head of sales administration and the head of the implementation process. They all agree that the kick-off process for all the team to use this tool, was very short.

Additionally, implementation took place during a high turnover period, and new hires learnt how to use the tool really quickly.

“The process has been a matter of work methodology and advancements. Our work did not stalled and there has been no loss or faults in the process. We haven’t had any mis-published notices or unlaunched campaigns. It all has been a matter of coordinating the processes and improvement.” (Cra. M. Eugenia Schiavoni | Head of Planning and Management Control | Sales)

Centralised system that improves control. With Ad-on-Line, La Voz del Interior has addressed the need to administer all digital and print advertising from a single platform, from initial offer to final billing.

By implementing Ad-on-Line, La Voz del Interior has updated their billing systems, fully integrated with the advertising process.

Saving time to sales reps. Help to increase sales, more simply. At the moment, La Voz del Interior has access to the log of negotiations with each customer (inserts, investment, timing, rates) and has a tool for the sales team that offers bundle campaigns very quickly.

Savings and automation in admin tasks. The admin team is now capable of managing the after-sales process simply. These processes are now managed productively, instead of manually. As a result, all teams involved work much more efficiently.

Information from print and digital advertising is centralised. Ad-on-line integrates with Millennium and Google Ad Manager. This means that all campaigns are linked and the team can check whether everything is working correctly at a glance (inserts, timings, billing, etc.).

KPI monitoring. With all operations integrated into Ad-on-Line, La Voz del Interior can check a single panel to know the state of all its advertising business at a glance. They no longer need to find the information in different systems.

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