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Semana upgrades management of one of the biggest celebrity gossip archives with Quay

The magazine Semana, founded in 1940, is one of today's leading society reporting outlets published in Spain. Its printed publications, out every Wednesday, reach more than 436 thousand readers and its online version has over 8 million users with 60 million pages read.

With a view to upgrading production processes, creating a more digital newsroom and cutting down on repetitive, inefficient processes, Semana decided to update their archive system. Thanks to DAM Quay they were able to install an integrated design and archive system in no time, making life easier for writers, DTPers and documentalists.

The archive system is obsolete without an optimised structure.

The layout tool is not integrated with the archive system, resulting in an excess of unnecessary graphics in the servers.

Its archive system does not allow proper indexing of documents and limits the ability to run specific searches on websites based on specific content or celebrities.

All document searches have to go through documentalists, with writers unable to access the archive on their own.

To be able to access the archive from a single interface, without having to leave the working document to refer to documents.

Reduce queries for documentalists (allowing them to spend time on proper archive maintenance), and encourage writers to use the DAM on their own.

Implement a solution that optimises workflows, with no bottlenecks in the newsroom or in DTP.

Change how work is organised, streamlining processes and training the newsroom in more digital environments.

Semana and Protecmedia conducted a thorough analysis of current and present needs to configure a work ecosystem that would streamline production processes and eliminate repetitive tasks and the use of resources in unnecessary processes.

Semana decided to upgrade Quay to its latest version, adding specific fields and tags to its archives to make future searches easier.

Quay has allowed automatic archiving of the publication, significantly reduced the size of files and deleted redundant ones.

They migrated to a Cloud system and implemented an HTML5 editor to make it easier to freelance and work from home.

Training given to users has allowed them to become more independent when using both the DAM and the layout tool.

The documentation department can focus exclusively on managing the archive, without needing to oversee the writers' searches.

Document workflows and statuses have been automated in the tool (formerly based on file systems).

Bottlenecks between design and the newsroom have been eliminated.

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