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5 ways to Grow Your
Company’s Revenue in 2023

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We have selected bullet-proof trends from our market knowledge and experiences with our clients to share 5 that will boost your company revenue in 2023.

The World Association of News Publishers has published its Innovation Report 2022 - 2023, which highlights the most relevant insights for the media industry in recent months and how they will be projected over the coming year 2023. At Protecmedia we have analysed the practices that are helping our clients on their business strategies and summarised them in five trends that are an absolute must for the coming year:


5 ways to Grow Your <br />Company’s Revenue in 2023

It is the right time to invest in automation tools. This will ensure a sustainable future for your business and help you save time and money despite of the initial investment required. Solutions like our AIDA (Artifitial Intelligence Design Asistant) are transforming newsrooms worldwide. Newsmakers using automation for their Print editions are watching deadlines decrease while creativity and revenue increases.


5 ways to Grow Your <br />Company’s Revenue in 2023

They used to say that “video kill the radio star”. Well, the tables have turned. Now audio is the new old star with podcasters becoming as famous and popular as ever. And, guess what, podcast comes with yet another publicity format to offer your clients. It is an ideal path for business diversification and profitability that some have already jumped into. In El Colombiano case it has even taken them to be awarded with the prestigious international awards.


5 ways to Grow Your <br />Company’s Revenue in 2023

Push Notifications have been there for a while and are still getting strong. They help drive readers through the conversion funnel till they become subscribers and they increase traffic in the way. Underestimating the power of push notifications is something you can not do for 2023. If you need help choosing the best tool for you our push + analytics tool MAS can help. Want to know how to push your notifications, get in touch with Protecmedia Team.


5 ways to Grow Your <br />Company’s Revenue in 2023

Cross selling is the new black. From event tickets to Branded coffee Mugs the consumption frenzy of loyal readers has no end. But you do not even have to get that far, you can start with your own archive, it is a business that big news groups invested in longtime ago with content syndication for agencies but it is expanding to a wider audience. Individuals willing to buy the cover of the newspaper of the day they were born, schools and universities willing to use your articles for research purposes. Quality content has high value for many why not invest in finding new ways of monetizing it.

Get local

5 ways to Grow Your <br />Company’s Revenue in 2023

We are witnessing a “reinaissance” of local news partly due to the rise of mobile news consumption. According to a study by Joint industry Currency for Regional Media Research (JICREG) in the UK, digital audiences have risen 19, 9% in the last year, as a consequence of the misinformation crisis that we are on. This means audiences are re-focusing its interest on what is close. What happens to your neighbour is more appealing than international politics and newspapers that have acknowledge that have manage to earn loyal subscribers and increase their revenue. Our client, El Correo Gallego is a good example of that.

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