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Protecmedia MDXP, the perfect formula at World News Media Congress 2022

Protecmedia presented the MDXP formula at the event, that covers all media needs: editing, advertising, audiences and archive.

Protecmedia, the Spanish technology company specialising in editorial solutions for media, presented its perfect formula for newsroom 3.0 at the World News Media Congress 2022, organised by WAN IFRA and held in Spain.

The Congress is an annual meeting of top media executives. This year it was held at the breathtaking Zaragoza Conference Centre and was attended by more than 1,000 well-known journalists from more than 80 countries.

Protecmedia presented MDXP at the event, its perfect formula for newsroom 3.0. It is a complete ecosystem of media technology solutions that meet all needs: editing, advertising, audiences and archive. The ecosystem focuses on the key differential values that Artificial Intelligence brings to new newsrooms: automation of work processes, elimination of repetitive tasks, increased reader engagement and consolidation of income sources for the media.

Some of the main “ingredients” of the MDXP ecosystem are:

Aida (“Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant”): Artificial Intelligence web-to-print

AidaDXP automates the layout of print publications from the content published online. This design assistant enables DTPers to focus on infographs, maps and creative front pages (instead of time spent on tedious adjustments) and will also allow journalists to extend the closing time for the print edition.

Customisation of user experience

MDXP delivers a customised user experience, using all information gathered by the outlet about reader activity. Registered users can also access a record of their favourite articles, information saved to read later and track articles or news items by themes, trends or favourite authors.

CMS Iter also shows each user content that meets their particular interests, and suits their location or device they are using. This is a key strategy to increase reader loyalty.

Automatic indexing

With Quay, the DAM included in this ecosystem, streamlines the management of thousands of files in a newsroom. It automates the classification and management of PDF and Word documents, videos, images, audios, etc. Using this artificial intelligence DAM, media outlets can index all texts in every document automatically and generate meta tags to help to find them in seconds.

Speech to text

This tool automatically transcribes an audio to a text file. This means that all audio content is available and accessible, simply and at all times for the entire newsroom.

AIVA, “Artificial Intelligence Video Assistant”

With this AI engine, the newsroom can analyse videos and photos and automatically extract important details from these videos to facilitate their tagging and content analysis.

As well as streamlining identification and archiving processes, this solution offers the possibility of monetising the archive through e-commerce.

María Arenas Filgueira, CMO at Protecmedia, explains “Protecmedia is proud to be able to present the MDXP formula at the World News Media Congress 2022. After more than 40 years of delivering media technology solutions, it is amazing to be able to launch a global, adaptable product that works and helps media outlets to evolve towards newsroom 3.0”.

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