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Discover the Relevo website, the revolution in sports journalism

Relevo revolutionizes news websites with the launch of its website, with a Tik Tok-like user experience

The publishing group Vocento has just launched the website of Relevo, its new digital sports newspaper. In May, El testigo del deporte' began its activity through social networks, and in just 6 months it has become the viral sports media par excellence. It already has more than 300K followers: 160K on Tik Tok, 100K on Twitter and more than 20K on Instagram and Twitch.

Its strategy is committed to reaching a younger audience, to purely sports news and to giving visibility to women's sports. To this end, the entire team takes great care of the message, form and format of each news item on each of its channels. Video is the protagonist in all its channels, and fresh language is its hallmark.

Relevo has a staff of 70 professionals led by Óscar Campillo, director of the newspaper, who states that “Relevo wants to explore other models of telling the emotion of sport, all sports, to convince all audiences, especially the groups furthest away from traditional sports information, the younger generations, women and readers disappointed by the mix of content and the abuse of clickbait”.

Relevo consolidates the spirit of its brand through its website, where Tik Tok-style clips, lighthearted fashion expressions and emojis are indispensable in every news item.

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