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Editorial Rio Negro sets an example of informative commitment to its neighbours

The citizen journalism app DIGO has the aim of informing locally on Neuquén and Rio Negro

Protecmedia is proud to share the example of informative commitment to each of its neighbours that the Editorial Rio Negro demonstrates with its new project.

Editorial Rio Negro launches its new app DIGO, so that all the residents of Neuquén can be informed about what is happening in their region. It offers informative podcasts of less than 10 minutes, led by a network of journalism experts. Every week they will share information, experiences and stories covering topics related to the environment, sports, tourism, wellbeing, education and culture.

Editorial Rio Negro has found through its new informative app a way to continue its commitment to informing its readers, and also through an audio format, which has been very well received by its audience. This project, which shows a strong sense of closeness, arises within the framework of the Google News Initiative. Its main objective is to ensure that every neighbour is well informed about what is going on around them, and to make it easier for them to inform others as well. Every neighbour can share news, images and videos through the community module.

Thanks to Editorial Rio Negro's DIGO app, the neighbourhood community of Neuquén and Rio Negro has its own news speaker to keep up to date with local and general information.

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