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Vocento, committed to consolidating its subscriptions business

Innovation is the core element of the business strategy of publishing group Vocento, which is now focused on subscriptions.

Publishing group Vocento is going from strength to strength by focusing on new strategies for the future. The Director for Innovation and Digital Products at Vocento, Maylis Chevalier, speaking at the INMA Latin America Conference, outlined her perspectives for change to continue to stay relevant in the industry. In her speech, Chevalier explained that Vocento believes it is important to continue to catch the attention of users through high-quality and valuable content: “We need to make a difference with quality and value. We need quality, but that does not guarantee success. It is all down to value.”

This is of particular importance now that users have access to unlimited content and there are fewer opportunities to catch their attention.

Vocento has redefined their business model, focussing on digital subscriptions, through:

1. Establishing a real target: the Vocento challenge is to achieve 250,000 active subscribers by 2025

2. Listening to its team: before establishing the target, they listened to the team's general opinions on business, technology and processes.

3. Involving each and every Vocento employee: the group mentality has moved from being focused on advertising to focussing on readers. The corporate structure has been reorganised and some of the KPIs have been redefined.

4. Innovative processes: to adapt to this user-focused approach, they have decided to make production processes more innovative and reposition some key profiles.

5. Establishing short-team goals: they have established the path to follow by establishing realistic short-term goals.

6. Analysing social media: to develop its content strategy, it has listened to their audience and analysed how users interact in each channel.

Vocento believes that one of the most important aspects of their strategy is changing the whole company's mindset. The leads in every area have worked on conveying a unified overview of the company and their future.

“This only works if the user is in the middle, and we have to engage all of the teams so that they put them there to change the perspective” (Maylis Chevalier)

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