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Antenne Mainz, an example of online visibility success

Antenne Mainz is a successful example of online visibility. It is a German regional radio station that, thanks to the support of the Media Cloud solution, has managed to position its website as a relevant communication agent of its region.

In October 2019, Protecmedia completed the renovation of its website using the Media Cloud model. Until then, Antenne Mainz had made significant efforts to reach the audience and make itself heard among the major media. His articles and news have always conveyed quality information, however, they did not manage to position themselves at the top of the online results.

Antenne Mainz is a good example of how effort and quality of content together with a technological solution according to the needs of each medium are determining factors in achieving great results.

It was from the launch of their new website that they began to gain visibility. The ITER Web Cloud solution allowed them to carry out a SEO positioning strategy that gradually boosted their reach. A good example of the success achieved in a few months is that they even managed to lead the debates of the local elections in Mainz.

We invite you to watch the video they sent us, where they explain the evolution they have experienced since we finished the project and all the good results obtained during the last months.

A success story indeed!

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