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8 clients of Protecmedia, among the best newspapers in Europe

The European Publishing Congress was held in Vienna and brought together publishers and media directors from all over Europe to analyze the future of the industry and reward the best of the year.

Vienna hosted between 12 and 14 May the European Publishing Congress, the event that brings together editors and media directors to discuss the challenges facing journalism in Europe. This year the central themes were the threat to press freedom and digital transformation.

The congress was also the opportunity to give the European Newspaper Awards, dedicated to rewarding the best newspapers, magazines and digital projects in Europe.

This year eight newspapers, clients of Protecmedia, were awarded among the best: Allgemeine Zeitung, from Germany, in the Photo Reportage category; Bieler Tagblatt, from Switzerland, in the Local Cover and Coverage category; Naste Miasto, from Poland, in the category of Cover and Weekly Coverage; The New Spain and Diario La Provincia, of Spain, both in the Infographic category; Diario Ara, also from Spain, in the Supplements category; Newspaper of Madeira in the category of Cover and Local coverage; and Expreso, also from Portugal, in the category of Cover and Weekly Coverage.

This award recognizes printed and digital projects in terms of content, strategy and design. Congratulations to all the winners and especially to our customers, with whom we remain committed to providing them with the best service and state-of-the-art technological solutions.

The future is digital

The reinvention of the newspaper, the payment for content, new formats and innovation are some of the challenges posed by European media in the face of digital transformation. Part of the discussion in the European Publishing Congress focused, precisely, on analyzing which innovative aspects may be applicable to their projects and how this could translate into greater loyalty and income.

In this regard, Julia Maria Bönisch, publisher of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung underlined in its speech the benefits of digital transformation for writing: "digitalization offers attractive opportunities to wake up and promise good journalism." In this regard, digital formats, such as podcasts, videos and newsletters, were described as promising multimedia products. How to exploit the business of journalism and digital audio? Which topics are editorially adequate and how can they be commercialized? are some points, which according to specialists, should be analyzed to design an editorial strategy based on audiovisual narrative.

About this, the representatives of the media, present at the congress, agreed in unison that the focus, in the future, of editorial work will increasingly focus on digital and hand in hand with the constant technological evolution.

The opening speech was in charge of the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who described the freedom of the press as indispensable for the functioning of democracy. A premise that was maintained throughout the European Publishing Congress, through interventions dedicated to evidence the threats that hover over the journalistic exercise and the risk that independent journalism faces before the dominance of Facebook and Google in the advertising market digital.

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