SIPConnect 2018 brought together well-known editors and journalists in search of formulae to tackle the crisis facing the industry

SIPConnect 2018 brought together hundreds of professionals who analysed the treatment of audiovisual content in digital media and how to monetise such content. An unmissable date for professionals in the sector.

Last 25 July in Miami (USA) SIP Connect, the hemispheric conference on media and digital technology companies, was held. Over the three days that this gathering lasted, organised by the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP), new digital platforms were analysed, the focus being on how to monetise and use them to boost new audiences.

More than 180 people attended its fourth edition, including editors and journalists from up to 25 countries. Protecmedia co-sponsored the event, participating actively in different seminars.

A forum for analysing how to tackle the crisis facing the industry

At SIP Connect the treatment of audiovisual content in digital media was examined, as were the processes for integrating print and digital, the monetisation of content and the analysis of data and suscriptions as a tool for the growth of the media. All these areas are covered by Protecmedia in its technological solutions.

The conference allowed those attending to share experiences and to learn about how the media are evolving. The different panellists, representatives of various media, analysed the ways to tackle the challenges caused by the crisis in the industry. They shared their experiences and recommendations, revealing the key technological factors that are destined to make the difference.

For example, reference was made to the importance of understanding audiences by offering different types of rhythm of coverage and content production, how to be able to break the dependence on social networks or the way in which some entities such as Facebook have chosen to empower local media and influential bloggers.

As a result, local newspapers’ credibility rises compared to the digital media, which succumb more easily to the scourge of fake news.

The trend is to generate conversion through quality content, leaving quantity in the background. This seems to be the way forward for the main players in the industry and the best approach to follow.

It is also necessary to add the importance of mobile terminals, the new forms of consuming content (for example with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality), the connection speeds and the different forms of monetisation which may be opted for at present.

More information about SIP Connect 2018 and the conclusions that its most important panellists reached is available online.