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SIP Connect Online 2020: New approaches to the media business

During the SIPConnect Online 2020 New Business panel, different perspectives on the future of the media industry in a post-COVID context were presented.

Last Wednesday, May 27, during a new session of SIP Connect Online 2020, the New Business panel took place. Jorge Canahuati, SIP first vice-president; Roberto Rock, director of La Silla Rota (Mexico); Armando Castilla, director of Vanguardia (Mexico) and Fernando Gómez, president of Protecmedia, who acted as speaker and moderator, took part in this space.

Throughout the panel, the challenges faced by the media in the post-COVID context due to the notable changes in reader behaviour were addressed, and different paths were discussed. All of them share a common element: the important role of technology in achieving results in this digital context.

The digital transformation is a reality that has come to stay in all areas, and of course also in the media industry.

Each speaker contributed to his own vision and experience. There is a sum up in order of presentation below:

Fernando Gómez, president of Protecmedia, highlighted the important information that the media can extract from their digital audiences, provided that they have the appropriate technology. For example, the RFV Score analysis offers a loyalty segmentation of the readers. This data is the basis of new strategies to increase the degree of user loyalty, and eventually convert them into subscribers.

Jorge Canahuati, SIP first vice-president, said that in this new post-COVID era the media will have to look further into their way of doing business, and set out his innovative vision of the trial-and-error method. He established that, to enalbe this system to work, the media will require new tools that provide accurate data and results derived from each action. Only in this way, with a firm commitment, will the media be able to create value and function in a profitable way on a commercial level, and also achieve solid continuity in the long term.

Roberto Rock, director of La Silla Rota, maintained that the basis of the business of any media must be based on relevant and quality content. In their case, comprehensive measurement through digital tools provides them with data and information that they use to define the main foundations of the business.

Armando Castilla, a member of the IAPA Board of Directors and director of Vanguardia, presented how the newspaper has adapted to the new digital era and how its business model has innovated based on the information they obtain by listening to their audience and attending to the solutions they need. To this end, they have focused their work on creating a new environment in which the offline world is incorporated into the digital environment.

Throughout all the interventions, we saw how each one of the speakers raised several examples of the different ways in which to direct the media business. All of them have in common the use of a specific technology to achieve this, whether it is focused on audience knowledge, on the analysis of content quality or on offering new solutions for readers in the online environment.

Protecmedia offers solutions that facilitate the digital transformation of the media in editorial, audience and advertising management.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector and the new challenges the media are facing, we propose tools that incorporate the most relevant functionalities in order to achieve effective results.

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